Electric winches have a myriad of uses but there are not normally associated with Golf carts, which is strange as they’re the perfect addition to any golf cart to facilitate a swift recovery.

There are a number of compelling benefits to using electric winches. Most importantly for us, they do not require a running engine for use. People do not realise how often golf carts get stuck, usually in a bunker, but if an electric winch is fitted they’re easy to get back onto the green.

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There are drawbacks to using electric winches. Top of the list of cons is the fact that when they’re overused, they can overheat. This usually happens after a long pull on a large weight but with golf carts, the weight is often too small to have an effect, making them the perfect candidate for electric winches.


It can depend on the make but often, electric winches are easy to install. They are the preferred winch type by ATV enthusiasts as they are fast, efficient and guaranteed to get ATVs out of a sticky situation. Well, golf carts weigh less than your average ATV, so what works for them, will work for a golf cart.

Installation is usually a simple job of bolting the mounting plate onto the golf cart in the easiest position to pull from, then attaching the winch to the mounting plate and connecting it up to the battery. Most winches will come with easy-to-follow installation guides but when compared to hydraulic winches, installation couldn’t be simpler.


1. What will power your winch, will your battery’s power be enough?

2. How will the winch be used?

3. How tough is the job your winch is required to do (i.e. how heavy is the cart and are there many inclines on the course?)

4. How long will the winch need to perform for in the most likely scenario it’s going to be used?


Electric winches rely on an electric motor to spool in the cable. Usually they have one of two types of motor. Permanent magnet motors are small, light and efficient as they use their magnets to generate torque and are the best option for a golf cart.

In most vehicles, electric winches usually use the vehicle’s battery to power the motor. In golf carts, there may be a requirement to increase the power of your battery but it’s likely you’ll be able to use the existing battery as golf carts are designed to hold their charge. If you do use all the charge in the battery however, you’ll be stranded as there will be no power to drive your golf cart.


There are a number of trusted winch manufacturers that build reliable electric winches. Electric winches are always ready to go and tend to have ample power to get a golf cart out of the sand.